hi beautiful !
    each class is a bit different, but you can always expect:
  • 🔸deep breaths

  • 🔸intentional // graceful // purposeful     movements

  • 🔸loving assists

  • 🔸long savasana

  • 🔸quotes and stories and giggles


come play <3



Together we will cultivate a customized daily healing plan that will help you reach your goals, but more importantly, come home to yourself once more. We will blend yoga asana, meditations, hand mudras, essential oils, self-care practices, and more.

FIRST TIME CLIENTS: If you purchase a package of classes (4-6 classes) you receive a 10% discount!

    In addition to serving your well-being and guiding you through progress in yoga postures, I specialize in the following:

🔸 Pelvic Floor Yoga Therapy – heal the pelvic floor through gentle yoga, breathwork, and meditations

🔸 Family Yoga – build trust and family bonding through individual movement, partner postures, and meditation

🔸 Children’s Yoga – create a timeless toolbox of healing practices that build self-regulation, body control/awareness, creativity, and self confidence

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4:30pm – All Levels Flow @ Yoga Heights  6:00pm – Yin Yoga  @ Epic Yoga 6:00pm – Align ‘n’ Flow @ Epic Yoga
7:30 – Warm Honey Flow @ Epic Yoga  7:45pm – All Levels Flow @ Yoga Heights 7:30pm – Warm Honey Flow @ Epic Yoga

Little Moon Children’s Yoga

Each kid’s yoga class integrates asana practice (postures) with story-telling, music, games, teamwork, deep breathing, free dancing, and meditation! Creativity and excitement are the pillars of the class and are greatly encouraged. This curriculum is meant to engage the whole child through a physical practice incorporating life lessons that echo the yogic principles of interdependence, oneness, and freedom. This program engages the mind, body, and spirit of each child.

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