Gratitude: Week of February 17

My students! No list of 1-5 this week. I can’t believe that this week was my last full week of teaching and that 7 of my classes are totally finished… It’s bittersweet. I am so sad to leave these amazing kids who have kept me sane, motivated, focused, inspired, and constantly laughing. I can’t begin to explain how much they have taught me; definitely far more than I have taught them. Although I hope I showed them that language learning can be fun and it’s about people not perfect grammar. Anyways, here are some super cute pics of my kids!

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Wai Kru

Ceremony where the students present gifts and respect to the teachers. “Wai” is an action of respect. You bring you hands to prayer, thumbs to the lips and slightly bow, or during this ceremony, bow until your pinkies touch the ground. “Kru” means teacher. So this ceremony is about specifically showing respect to the teachers. Giving thanks for what we do for the students.

What an awesome ceremony 🙂