Unwinding in Brooklyn


It may seem like an ill-placed intention to go out of my way to relax and find solace in Brooklyn for a mere 24 hours. But when it’s done the right way, with no stressed goals of places to go and people to see, it leaves time wide open and free for wherever that sly north wind blows this unbound soul…

Here’s my advice…

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Book Worm

Over my year here in Thailand I have devoured 14 amazingly delicious and juicy books. Full of adventure, life, challenges, cultures, and magic. Most of my books are about Westerners moving to the East, each with a different reason or purpose and each has greatly influenced my experience in Thailand. Here are my favorites:

  • Nine Hills to Nambokanah by Sarah Erdman :: This is about a Peace Corps Volunteer who was placed in rural Ivory Coast to be a health worker. She discusses her trials and errors, her challenges, and her successes (big and small). This book helped me so much during my first few months here, Sarah was like a friend helping me cope with my own challenges of integration and belonging in a new culture.
  • Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson :: This book is very well known and despite the controversy that surrounds his work, he has amazing perseverance and dedication. I applaud him for building so many schools in Pakistan and empowering the young women in these areas to find their strengths and further their education.

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my usual weekend lunch: Som Tam, papaya salad, “chao niow” sticky rice, and iced coffee/tea.

So delicious. Also the plastic holder for drinks is genius.