Move: Slow, Sweet, Deep


I’ve spent years perfecting my iTunes music library: sorting genres, combing through duplicates and bad versions of songs, tweaking album information, all for the appreciation of simplicity and the perfect playlist. I love to create delicately balanced playlists that flow together like a symphony, blending into one another as if they were meant to be heard one after the other, destined to be played in that order. A playlist is like a living organism: I am continually deleting and adding, as new songs come along that blend perfectly into the balance, a fresh tune, a shiny piece of lyrical art to brighten the whole sound.

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Poolside – Harvest Moon


I have been really loving this song. It’s good for waking up in the morning, yoga, dancing, making dinner (which currently consists of emptying take out into bowls since we have no kitchen…), etc. It’s just so upbeat and chill at the same time with a solid beat. Much love.