IMG_6288 Our nature is to learn, grow, expand. To search endlessly for people, experiences, things that help us achieve that growth. Our subconscious natures lead us to these moments of potential growth for the very purpose of peeling back layers, chiseling at the hard marble-like exterior of our identities, erasing the lines we've drawn around ourselves, exposing our very centers. From this naked space, we learn, grow, expand. I let the excess fall away from my form and blank space fill up the pages. I like the opportunity it provides. The freeing notion that despite the lines I make and the curves I etch, gentle gnawings of growth will always return the pages to their natural, naked state.

Follow the Butterflies

image They come just before a life-altering journey...

Fingers trembling on the flight to Australia with 25 new friends Eyes reluctantly accepting sleep the night before the first day of college Heart flickers with electric touches as green and brown eyes meet before a first kiss Breath catching as the doors opens for the first day of yoga teacher training Knees weak and eyes blurry with tears as the plane boards for Thailand Excitement boiling when discovering that the perfect job wants an interview Continue reading "Follow the Butterflies"