Schedule a Private Session

Together we will create a holistic daily healing plan that fits with your schedule, needs, and goals. Sessions can be held in your home, my home, or somewhere in between.

If this is your first time scheduling with me, before our first session we will chat via phone so that I can get an idea of what you are looking for and what your body needs.

Fill out the form below and Jess will reach out to you within 24 hours.


Children’s & Family Yoga

Each of these sessions can look very different! Maybe you are a parent looking for techniques to help your child feel calm, regulate their emotions, and/or increase their body awareness. Or maybe you want to have a family yoga session to strengthen your family bonds and increase trust while having fun!


Pre/Postnatal & Pelvic Floor Therapeutic Yoga

If you are prenatal, postnatal, or experiencing some pelvic dysfunction, we will take some extra time in the first session so that I can get to know and understand your specific circumstances. Each session will build on the previous, so that I can provide you with the best techniques and tools to help you feel your best and/or heal with ease.


General Yoga Session


If you are interested in increasing your strength, flexibility, and depth in the asanas, we can schedule a series of appointments for you to work on addressing your specific needs and goals.



Pay Scale

To accommodate those with different incomes, pay rates are based on a sliding scale. If you are scheduling a private therapeutic-style yoga session, the first session will include 30 minutes of intake for an additional $20, so we can chat about your needs and make a plan for you over the coming weeks. I typically recommend beginning with 4 sessions so we have time to create a plan together and watch it be implemented and witness your growth over the course of a month. Longer packages include a discount.

If you’re concerned about finances, email me and we can chat. Also, if you have an HSA you should be able to use that for private yoga sessions. 

Let’s chat! Shoot me an email: