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Little Moon Children's Yoga

  Each kid's yoga class integrates asana practice (postures) with story-telling, music, games, teamwork, deep breathing, free dancing, and meditation! Creativity and excitement are the pillars of the class and are greatly encouraged. This curriculum is meant to engage the whole child through a physical practice incorporating life lessons that echo the yogic principles of interdependence, oneness, and freedom. This program engages the mind, body, and spirit of each child. Visit for more information on Jess' children's yoga classes!  

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The Art of Mindfulness

A 90 minute workshop series for all ages (5-95) using art & creativity as a means to cultivate mindfulness. Facilitating thoughtful actions and concentration on the creative process as a way to keep the mind focused on the task at hand. Each class will contain breathing exercises, an art project, and gentle yoga.


Goddess Workshop

This workshop is geared towards women of all ages (7 and above) The focus of this workshop is to use physical health as a bridge to a healthy mind, utilizing yoga as a means to actualize your inner goddess. The workshop includes yoga, meditation, a healthy and light lunch, nutrition discussion, and crafts.

For girls: a workshop for young women focused on embracing their inner goddesses by creating a healthy and loving relationship with themselves. Discussions on nutrition, health, & self-love will be the central pillar of this program.

For women: a workshop filled to the brim with yoga, crafting, nutrition discussions, and meditation for women. This program is focused on celebrating our divine femininity, channeling our innate sensual & creative natures, and delving into the unique and magical experience of being a woman.

 This workshop is great for bridal or baby showers, girl scout troops, birthday parties, sports teams, or groups of friends who are looking to deepen their personal health and self-love.

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If you would like to have kids classes at your school, book a workshop, or otherwise request a private/public classes, please send an email to Jess at   Peace!

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