Classes & Workshops

Weekly Classes

7:30 – Warm Honey Flow @ Epic Yoga 6:00 – Honey Flow @ Epic Yoga  6:00pm – Yin Yoga  @ Epic Yoga 1:00pm – All Levels @ World Bank IFC
    7:45pm – All Levels @ Yoga Heights 7:30pm – Warm Honey Flow @ Epic Yoga


Workshops & Professional Development

The Pelvis: A Genesis


A frequent request in yoga classes is to stretch and open the hips. This workshop is designed to break down why the hips feel tight, increase pelvic mobility and awareness, and plug this new knowledge back into the physical yoga practice.

No matter your current physical state, this workshop will leave you with a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the pelvis. We will discuss anatomy, common dysfunctions/weaknesses/tightness and how yoga can aid in these problems. We will go through several yoga postures and sequences to get you moving and feel the healing your pelvis has been asking you for!

This class will be especially helpful for: pre-natal, post-natal, men with prostate issues, runners, cyclists, those who experience pain during sex, or sexual dysfunction of any kind.

Yoga & Acupuncture

This January, Jess is teaming up with acupuncturist Lindsay MacDougall to lead two workshops with yoga and acupuncture in Rockville, MD and Takoma, DC

Just for the Mamas, Yoga & Acupuncture: We’ll focus on all things mom-related. We’ll talk birthing, pregnancy, getting back to yourself (and what that means for you) and how yoga and acupuncture can add to your self-care routine

Family Yoga & Acupuncture: This is a family yoga class focused on getting wiggles and energies out and then finding calm and relaxation to prepare for acupuncture. Children are encouraged to participate in acupuncture but are welcome to observe as well.

If you have any questions or want to reserve your spot ahead of time (we’re still choosing a date/location) just shoot Jess an email