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Weekly Classes

7:30pm – Warm Honey Flow @ Epic Yoga 10:15am – Baby & Me Yoga @ Yoga Heights  6:00pm – Yin Yoga  @ Epic Yoga 1:00pm – All Levels @ World Bank IFC
  6:00pm – Honey Flow @ Epic Yoga  7:45pm – All Levels @ Yoga Heights 7:30pm – Warm Honey Flow @ Epic Yoga


* Workshops & Professional Development *

Gratitude, Mindfulness, & Loving Kindness
A Webinar for Parents and Educators
November 15 | 7:00 – 8:00

This webinar will dive into creating a gratitude practice with children, what it looks like, ways to easily implement it. We will talk about and practice several methods of mindfulness that you can share with children and practice on your own. And finally we will explore the topic of loving kindness, a practice of cultivating compassion with oneself, those you love, and the world.
You will leave this webinar with several tools to implement in your work with children.  

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Sweet + Snuggly
A Restorative Yoga Class
December 10  |  2:30-4:00

Let’s gather and get snugly in this winter weather; grab your coziest sweater, softest socks, and your favorite tea mug for this gentle restorative class. First, we’ll focus on warming the body with breathwork (pranayama) as we sip on peppermint tea, soaking up it’s therapeutic benefits for the respiratory system. Then we’ll settle into restorative yoga postures focusing on increasing breath capacity, softening the muscles used in breathing, and of course, relaxing the mind and body. We’ll end with a guided meditation and a sweet savasana.

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For the Mamas: Yoga + Acupuncture
January 20th | 11:30 – 1:30
Yoga Heights | Takoma, DC


This January, Jess is teaming up with acupuncturist Lindsay MacDougall 

Join Jess and Lindsay for an easeful break from the day to day stressors of motherhood. For 2 hours, you will enjoy a nurturing yoga practice followed by the gentle medicine of acupuncture. You will leave this workshop not only refreshed and embodied, but with additional tools and knowledge about your pelvic health and a reconnection to your divine self. The workshop will begin with a focus on bringing the body and mind back to the ‘rest and digest’ state through deep breaths and integrated movements focused on pelvic health, loving hands-on assists, and a guided meditation. During deep relaxation and guided meditation, Lindsay will administer personalized acupuncture based on each mama’s specific needs. This intimate workshop is open to all women, but specifically designed for those who are pregnant and mothers.

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