Gratitude: Week of February 17

My students! No list of 1-5 this week. I can’t believe that this week was my last full week of teaching and that 7 of my classes are totally finished… It’s bittersweet. I am so sad to leave these amazing kids who have kept me sane, motivated, focused, inspired, and constantly laughing. I can’t begin to explain how much they have taught me; definitely far more than I have taught them. Although I hope I showed them that language learning can be fun and it’s about people not perfect grammar. Anyways, here are some super cute pics of my kids!

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Gratitude: Week of February 3

1. P’Julie :: A woman I tutor who has become one of my Thai mothers. Whenever she comes to our tutoring sessions she comes bearing gifts, usually some sort of delicious Thai kanom or dessert such as cakes or pastries. This week, in addition to the kanom, she gave me this awesome painting of an elephant. She asked me “Do you know who painted it?” Confused as to why I would know a Thai artist or whoever painted it, it suddenly occurred to me that this painting of an elephant was done by an elephant! She visited The Thai Elephant Conservation Center, thought of me and bought me this beautiful painting!! I almost cried at the thoughtfulness of the gift and just how awesome it is that an elephant painted this 🙂

2. My ability to travel :: This week Patricio and I bought our tickets from Jakarta, Indonesia to Tel Aviv, Israel! Not only am I super excited for Israel but also for the island hopping as we make our way down to Indonesia. Wooooo!

3. Good times with the farangs :: The past couple weeks in general have just been a lot of fun. Now that Amiel, Patricio’s sister is visiting, we have a little farang crew; I call us the bicycle gang since we are the only ones in town who regularly use bikes as opposed to mo-peds. I have yet to get a photo of use all on our bikes but I’ll get one soon.

4. My yoga students :: They come like clockwork every Wednesday morning at 7:30. They are adorably dedicated, fun-loving, and honestly it’s the morning I look forward to the most and I always feel refreshed and accomplished afterwards. I didn’t expect it but it turns out that their favorite part of class in savasana; which is awesome and I can just feel the calm radiating from them. This week they saw some headstand postures on instagram and decided that they wanted to learn, so we did them! I was able to snap a photo of my fearless lovelies going upside down.

5. Coffee Breaks :: Going once or twice a week to one of the local coffee shops with P’Buddy is always a treat. This week we brought the game bananagrams and taught the scrabble-master himself how to play. I think he prefers scrabble though…