Heart Connections

Boordy Winery The powerful force of connection. When two (or more) seemingly distinct and separate items momentarily become one. From computers to eyes, airline flights to souls, professional networking to mind & body. Life seems to be a series of connections: missed, deep, violent, loving, life-altering, heart-opening. We see and create connections wherever we go, eternally striving, ferociously searching, and unyieldingly craving these moments of truth.

When we connect with others and ourselves we strive for hearts and minds to be unmasked, seen for their own truth, for layers to be sloughed off, revealing our pure selves. The pure & simple truth of life.

I spent this summer fostering old connections and creating new ones. From re-connecting to my ever-growing hometown, to old friends and family I haven't seen in years; from fostering new connections with new friends to teaching yoga;  and even connecting to the flora of previously unexplored forests.

It has been a wild & wonderful summer.

IMG_2657 Boordy Winery

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