Perspectives: Light & Dark, Past & Present, Land & Sea

And today, I soak my eyes in the perfect blend of sea blue, gold dust.

Where content urges of waves kiss my tanned toes with achingly cold lips.

Broken and battered shells, stones sift between fingers. Reclaimed by blue arms.

Riddled with relics: white bone sarcophagi, bank vaults turned to pubs.

Walking on ancient stones the weight of their history sparking imagery

Of armored horses. Fierce and strong gladiators gritted teeth, burnt eyes.

White gauze, robed women. The ethereal beauties escape the day's heat.

Under canopies, in fountains, by the teal sea. Gazing out, wonder.

Sunlight dappling vibrant gardens and flowing fountains giving life.

Photographer's cue, I step into the shadows. Light, dark, perspective.

Altered perspectives playing shadows against light in the rhythmic dance.

Play and discover, Wild wind, calm shores, dancing love. Golden amber sun.

Wild breeze, brazen light. Losing fear in tangled strands, in playful shadows.

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