A Philosophy of Wanderlust

There are so many fruits you haven’t tasted So many beautiful songs you have not discovered Spices you’ve never heard of and intriguing conversations you haven’t had There are oceans you have not felt and plants you’ve never seen Books you’ve never read and souls your heart has not touched This Earth is incredible. - Barefoot Awareness
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Sawankhalokians: Part 2

As a continuation of this post, I want to delve further into my experience in Sawankhalok by focusing on and giving tribute to those who made my experience all the better. These people created a community for me, helped me navigate a new town and a new culture. Meet my Sawankhalok community! image These guys live about 100 yards from our house at the corner of our little soi and the main road. As is common in Thailand, the front of their home has been converted into a shop, specifically a motorcycle shop. Always kind and helpful to this mechanically disinclined young woman: pumping up my tires for free, changing flats, and otherwise fixing my bicycle. Unfortunately, we never exchanged names but without fail they always say hello and wave as I ride past their shop. Read more

The Annual Thai New Year Water Battle

As we rode the tuk-tuk through the sticky afternoon air from the Hat Yai bus station to our hotel we were bombarded. Attacked. Helpless victims of the nation-wide Songkran water fight. Laughing, the locals soaked us. Drenched to the bone. We traveled the streets through a storm of supersoakers. Dripping, we check-in to the hotel. I glance at PT, his eyes hold that laughing, mischievous spark that is so contagious. We enlist, take up arms, and with child-like excitement, join the water war!

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Common Ground

Four hot and sunny days in Krabi. Each perfectly balanced between action and relaxation, consisting of little more than... 1. Bending and twisting, stretching and balancing each morning for 90 minutes or more. As my fellow yogis know, these juicy moments are, hands down, the best way to begin the day. 2. Relaxing on the beach, hammock and underwater camera in tow, always ensuring fantastic beachy fun. 3. Hunting down the coconut man, who had the biggest and most succulent coconuts we've had yet. Read more

The Magic

The sun is shining - the sun is shining. That is the Magic. The flowers are growing - the roots are stirring. That is the Magic. Being alive is the Magic - being strong is the Magic. The magic is in me - the Magic is in me. It is in me - it is in me. It's in every one of us. - Colin, "The Secret Garden"
image Colin is right. The magic in life is celebrating all its facets. Rapt wonder Light bursting A breeze's caress Sweet green scents Read more